Sasha Ormiston



Hello! My name is Sasha Ormiston and I am a Registered Acupuncturist practicing in Cook Street Village. I am greatly inspired by the magic in nature around me, the beauty in every day life, and my experiences through pregnancy and being a mother. I aspire to bring all these elements into my clinic and treatments, taking my practice to another level and offering an experience like no other.

Growing up I had a strong passion for health and wellness, a compassionate heart to care for the people around me, and a wonder for the magic of the more esoteric and spiritual practices I learned about.


From an early age I knew in my heart I wanted to support people, but my journey to my current space in my dream career unfolded while I was in my early twenties.


I was first introduced to the powerful effects of acupuncture and holistic medicine when looking for relief for persistent back and shoulder pain. Within a few treatments I noticed changes, and after a small treatment series I felt like a changed person. Not only was the pain resolved, but I slept better than I had in years, felt more at ease and stress free than I ever had in my life and resolved some deep emotional burdens I had not even realized I was carrying.

I quickly learned, and still feel very strongly, that health and healing should involve every aspect of your being including your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. This was the turning point for me and I applied for my acupuncture studies at Pacific Rim College with three years at the University of Victoria as my foundation.

After another three years of classroom study and clinical practice I can proudly say I graduated with the highest of honours with a Diploma of Acupuncture. I then spent an intensive summer of studying and in 2011 passed the provincial board exams as required by the CTCMA to become a Registered Acupuncturist (R.AC) in BC.

Since graduation I have been certified in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, a natural, painless and non-surgical procedure to help treat anything from fine lines, rosacea, acne and early signs of aging. This is one of my absolute favourite treatments to give and people walk out feeling incredible and absolutely glowing. To me natural beauty is so much more than cosmetic appearance. I love working with clients to find their confidence and nourishing their health from the inside, producing a truly beautiful reflection on the outside.

Additionally I have also taken further training to support prenatal patients from conception up until birth and postpartum. Supporting pregnancy has become a core part of my practice, treating anything from morning sickness, insomnia, aches and pains, heartburn, labour support and preparation and everything in between. Not only was I inspired by the extra training I have done, but my own experiences with pregnancy and becoming a mother and how incredible acupuncture supported me is something I love sharing back with the community.


I am very passionate about what I do and love sharing the magic and efficacy of this medicine. I am so proud of the heart-centred practice I have created and take pride in the success of my patients and the enjoyment they receive from being in my care.


 Ready to work together?

It would be my honour to help your body, heart and mind come into balance.