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testimonials and patient experiences in regards to Sasha Staples R.Ac
"Sasha has been treating my lower back pain since August 2012.  At first, she treated me once a week, gradually extending the time between  treatments to once a month or longer.  With her help, I have been able to return to an active lifestyle without any back pain.  Sasha's cheerful personality and gentle approach would make anyone new to acupuncture feel relaxed and comfortable under her care."
-Rob N.

"After trying everything, this beautiful lady has been the only thing that has consistently shown me results with my back issues! 
Get at her, she's awesome! For the first time in years I feel like a pain free life may be in my future."
- Megan S.

"Just had the most amazing treatment with @sashaormistonacupuncture
Taking time to recover doesnt come nautrally to me but I have been blessed with an amazing team to help me through. I have always had an immense fear of needles and I can't imagine feeling so safe and comfortable in any other hands. For all my fellow Victorians, this is the place to be!"

- Tarah G.

Sasha Staples R.Ac performing facial rejuvenation acupuncture

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